Talk Money e-Learning

Lets Talk Money!

Successful teams know their numbers, understand them and act on them. Business communication uses words, jargon and numbers to tell the story. If the team don’t fully understand the numbers and jargon, they can’t play to their full strength.

‘Talk Money’ will explain the key business reports, numbers and jargon you need to know to understand how business finances work. In particular you will see how the numbers are not just the score at the end of the year, but essential for creating and managing a viable business.

Its ok to delegate finance but watch out you don’t abdicate responsibility….

Example Video: Viability – Direct and Indirect Costs

The e-learning is broken down into 3 main sections covering viability, indirect and direct costs and break even.  Each section is made up of bite size chunks of learning explaining all the essentials like break even, sensitivity, and margins – after watching this video you won’t be caught out by the Dragons!

“Thank you very much to the connection to your film. It is really very good and I agree with you about the necessity for training people to understand this stuff by taking the mystery out of it. To be honest, there are a lot of people who are already supposed to be in business who could use a simple refresher on many of these points.” Tim Smit, Founder of the Eden Project

Example shots of Talk Money Videos

Example shots of Talk Money Videos