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Is your team really confident with business jargon and numbers?

Business Communication uses words, jargon and numbers to tell the story. If your team don’t understand the numbers and the jargon they can’t play to their full strength. People are very very very reluctant to admit they don’t fully understand the numbers – they wing it.

You can get your team “numbers confident” in under 3 hours with an investment starting at £75.00 per person.

The Numbers Coach method includes:

A 3-hour numbers workshop – live or on-line. Access to “Talk Money” an e-learning course which supports the workshop. A copy of the highly acclaimed workbook “Understanding Your Business Finances” and 1:1 email support.

What will the team learn? The learning is based on 3 key areas: Understand, Forecast and Manage:

Understanding the numbers

Here we focus on gaining an understanding of each element of the numbers.

  • The key financial reports i.e. Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet and how they fit together.
  • Essential jargon.
  • How to calculate break even and gross profit margin.
  • Why profit isn’t the same as cash and importance of working capital.

Learn how to Forecast

Here we look at the main principles of forecasting and budgeting – often an area of considerable stress and anxiety.

  • Monitoring budget variances.
  • How to forecast sales.
  • The importance of sensitivity analysis.

Managing for Growth

This is where the “Understanding” is linked to your own company reports, your key ratios, your expenditure requests etc.

  • Monitoring gross profit margin.
  • Essential ratio analysis.
  • Understanding the importance of payback.
  • Using working capital ratios such as debtor days.



Find out more & book training

Click here for more information in a printable PDF file. To book your training, email The Numbers Coach. A typical half-day of training starts at £75.00 per person.

Sample of Talk Money

The e-learning course “Talk Money” supports the learning. Here is a sample from the course about “Viability – Direct and Indirect Costs”.

“Thank you very much to the connection to your film. It is really very good and I agree with you about the necessity for training people to understand this stuff by taking the mystery out of it. To be honest, there are a lot of people who are already supposed to be in business who could use a simple refresher on many of these points.” Tim Smit, Founder of the Eden Project

For more information on Talk Money, click here.

Understanding your Business Finances Workbook

Every delegate receives a copy of “Understanding Your Business Finances”.

This provides another resource to help learning and covers the following:

The key financial reports you need to know covering income & expenses, Cash Flow and what the business owns and owes. The importance of the business model. Break even. Sales forecasting techniques. Day to day accounting and the importance of accounting systems. For your free sample chapter, click the image. For more information on the workbook, click here.


Find out more & book training

Click here for more information in a printable PDF file. To book your training, email The Numbers Coach. A typical half-day of training starts at £75.00 per person. All training is covered by a money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

Recent Corporate Clients

Soho House

A fast growing international members club, restaurant, and hotel group. “After the workshop I was able to discuss my P&L with confidence.”
– Divisional Director

Market Invoice 2

A £750 million peer-to-peer lending platform backed by Northzone. (investors in Spotify) “The Numbers Coach corporate training has hugely helped our new sales team feel confident with business numbers.”
– James Bryant – Partnerships Manager

Royal College of Art

Leading post graduate Art & Design school. “I could never have imagined that our graduates could get so involved, animated and positive about financial training.”
– Nadia Danhash, Director Innovation RCA