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What does the Workbook Bundle Contain?

Get the Workbook, a business plan and forecasting template plus free 1 month access to Talk Money e-learning. All you need for cash flow, a business plan, to understand VAT or the principles of fund raising.

How do I buy the Workbook Bundle?

Scroll down and you will see the Paypal button, where you make the transaction. You will then receive an email from The Numbers Coach with instructions for your Talk Money access, your business plan and forecasting template, and a confirmation of dispatch of your workbook.

“You must make commercial decisions based on what you know you can afford.  Follow Johnny’s clear and practical, simple to follow advice to help you thoroughly understand how business finances work for your business.”

Lara Morgan – Founder of Pacific Direct, Startup Britain. UKTI amabassador

Sample of Talk Money

The e-learning course “Talk Money” supports the learning. Here is a sample from the course about “Viability – Direct and Indirect Costs”.

“Thank you very much to the connection to your film. It is really very good and I agree with you about the necessity for training people to understand this stuff by taking the mystery out of it. To be honest, there are a lot of people who are already supposed to be in business who could use a simple refresher on many of these points.” Tim Smit, Founder of the Eden Project

Find out more about Talk Money here.

Business Templates

The Workbook Bundle includes a financial forecasting template, which will help with answering the crucial question – ‘how do I create a viable business model?’.

Each stage is carefully explained. There is also a break even calculator and sensitivity. A model like this would cost £300-400 from a firm of accountants. It will give you enough information for your Business Plan.

The ready-to-use business plan template will save you re-inventing the wheel. There is a commonly accepted format for Business Plans that investors expect to see – so get off to a good start.


The workbook covers:

  • The key financial reports you need to know covering income & expenses, cash flow and what the business owns and owes
  • The importance of your business model
  • Break even
  • Sales forecasting techniques
  • VAT
  • Financing your business & raising funds
  • Day to day accounting and the importance of accounting systems

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