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Too many entrepreneurs fail to startup, fail to raise funding or start and fail because they don’t understand the numbers – don’t be a statistic. You CAN do them.

Visit my resources page which has my Essential Finance Toolkit to see how I can give you the knowledge, confidence, tools and templates to understand your own essential numbers and create your own financial forecasts.

Johnny Martin Numbers Coach


I love working with entrepreneurs…people who see the world differently and want to make a difference….and help them understand the numbers so they can create a winning business model that sets them apart from their competitors…

I have helped over 1,000 people get to grips with numbers and business finance – my resources are based on a simple philosophy:  to make them practical, easy to use and affordable with prices starting at just £12.00. For example, my Glossary which is part of my free resources, has less than 30 words and is not in alphabetical order but in the order you will need to use the words.

My mission is to make sure no one has an excuse not to understand the Essentials – like gross profit, break even and working capital.