Could any of your team benefit from some clear demystification of business jargon & numbers to help them add more value?


People who understand the language of business finance:

  • Boost cash flow with better working capital management & boost profit knowing the importance of gross margin to profitability

  • Have better communication with finance team and so are more able to explain and get new initiatives approved

  • Feel more confident contributing and asking questions at meetings which helps governance and reduces chance of fraud - i.e. they wont get fobbed off

In corporate teams good communication is vital - and a better understanding of the numbers and jargon will help this hugely.

But often there are huge issues of “loss of face” to get people to attend a finance course - somehow people are expected to pick this up through the ether - a bit like learning greek with no phrase book!


The training is delivered either through live workshops or online Zoom meetings, or 1:2:1 coaching. These are supported with workbooks and online training.

The training is based on a 3 stage learning process that is customised to your business:

  • Understanding the numbers

  • Forecasting and budgeting

  • Managing for growth

Please get in touch to discuss to see how the Numbers Coach™ can help. Half day workshops start at £525 plus resources.



“After the workshop I was able to discuss my P&L with confidence.”
— Tanya Nathan - Divisional Director, Soho House


Market Invoice.jpg

Market Invoice

A £750 million peer-to-peer lending platform backed by Northzone. (investors in Spotify)

“The Numbers Coach corporate training has hugely helped our new sales team feel confident with business numbers.”– James Bryant, Partnerships Manager

Soho House.jpg

Soho House

A fast growing international members club, restaurant, and hotel group.

“After the workshop I was able to discuss my P&L with confidence.”– Tanya Nathan, Divisional Director


Vallis Commodities

Strategic supply chain management

“Johnny’s training was really useful and he comes back on a regular basis to help the team” - Andrew Barr-Simm, Managing Director


Dorothy House

Dorothy House is a leading charity providing hospice care in the South West.

"The Finance session provided very practical help, and helped the team to understand their Store Operating Statement properly" - Sandy Corbyn, HR Business Partner'