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Monthly ‘Get Cash Flow Confident’ workshops

Monthly workshop by The Numbers Coach at British Library. Uncertain about Cash Flow? Confused by your accountant? Struggling with your business model? Apprehensive about VAT? If so, come along to a ‘Get Cash Flow Confident’ workshop in London, a practical and stress-free way to get the financial knowledge, confidence and tools you need to develop a winning business model and understand the language of finance including;

  • Gross profit and gross profit margin
  • Breakeven
  • Pre and post money valuation

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‘Get Cash Flow Confident’ monthly workshop

The Get Cash Flow Confident workshop is based on a three phased approach to your learning: Understanding the numbers, Learning to Forecast and Tips on Managing for Growth. Here is a brief overview on what’s covered:

Understanding the numbers

  • The key financial reports i.e. Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet and how they fit together.
  • How to calculate break even.
  • Why profit isn’t the same as cash which trips up lots of companies.
  • How VAT works.

Learn how to Forecast

  • Creating financial forecasts and projections.
  • How to forecast sales.
  • The importance of sensitivity.
  • How to use the integrated forecasting template which comes with the workshop (An Excel integrated 5 year P&L and Cash Flow model).

Managing for Growth

  • Essential tips e.g. accounting systems and managing your cash flow.
  • Which trading format is best.
  • Managing the financial function – do you need a bookkeeper, how to find an accountant.
  • Pre-money and post-money valuation.
  • Understanding how to value your business.


This interactive workshop will give you confidence in the financial side of your business or your understanding of the finances if you delegate.

As part of the workshop, you will also receive: Excel 5 year integrated profit & loss and cash flow forecast model worth at least £600 for you to forecast your business, “Talk Money” e-learning course (click for a sample video), workshop handouts, glossary and checklist, white papers on tax for entrepreneurs, white paper on valuation, legal checklist and post-workshop email support.

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