The workbook will help you take control of your cash and manage your business with confidence.

Understanding Your Business Finances makes the world of accounting and finance accessible to you. This is not about making you into an accountant, its still ok to delegate finance but there is an important distinction between delegation and abdication!

The Understanding Your Business Finances Workbook provides a great resource to help your business numbers learning. The Workbook will make you much better equipped to start, maintain and grow a viable and profitable business. Each chapter begins with a BIG IDEA for the chapter – a key area you need to know about, followed by the learning objectives. The chapter ends with a summary and also an exercise to check your understanding.

For your free sample chapter, click above. To read a review of the workbook, read what Market Invoice had to say about it, and also  Angel News.

“You must make commercial decisions based on what you know you can afford. Follow Johnny’s clear and practical, simple to follow advice to help you thoroughly understand how business finances work for your business.”
— Lara Morgan – Founder of Pacific Direct, Startup Britain. UKTI amabassador


  • The key financial reports you need to know covering income & expenses, cash flow and what the business owns and owes

  • The importance of your business model

  • Break even

  • Sales forecasting techniques

  • VAT

  • Financing your business & raising funds

  • Day to day accounting and the importance of accounting systems

“Brilliantly written by someone who understands the needs of the business community when it comes to cash flow & raising capital”
— Stephen Fear – Entrepreneur in Residence at the British Library, Founder of