“We so enjoyed meeting you and thought your workshop was incredibly helpful. It has certainly focused our minds on our business document, as well as taught us some of the financial lingo that we find difficult. Thank you for taking the time to read our executive summary and for your advice.”

Laura & Gabriela

“I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for last night’s session at the BL. It was unbelievably useful – I had a few real ‘eureka!’ moments, and have been completely consumed by revamping my financial models all morning. I can’t get over how satisfying it is to see the numbers finally making sense, they’d been in such a muddle until now there’s no wonder I’ve let my business plan drag on for 3 months! Off to meet my first funder now, I just got one of their level 1 grants!”

Hermione Taylor

“I attended your finance session on the 8th February at the British Library. Thank you for your energetic and high spirited delivery of a dry subject. You brought it to life and took the fear factor out”

Yvonne Foster

“I was recently at an event in London and heard Johnny Martin speak. He spoke for 45 mins and managed to cover in 45 mins what I it took 2 days to cover in a business school course. He is straight to the point and cuts out all the waffle and deals with the essentials. This is so important for time poor business owners and senior team members.”


“Great session on accounting and financials with Johnny Martin – @NumbersCoach – highly engaging and recommended!”


“Hi Johnny, thank you so much for such a brilliant workshop yesterday, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot! I’ve signed up to Xero already :)”


“Johnny Martin’s ‘Understanding your business finances’ is a fantastic introductory guide to business finance that takes you through a lot of difficult concepts in a friendly manner. It is accessible, easy to read and packed with great information and knowledge that can be applied directly to a real business.”

Market Invoice – Workbook Review

“Many thanks Numbers Coach for making finance a lot less scary. Really good, clear stuff for mentors and mentees.”


“I really enjoy your classes. You cover the important topics that we need to learn step by step, and like Weronika said you add a human touch to what would otherwise be numbers numbers and numbers.”


“The book undoubtedly succeeds in achieving what it sets out to do and more besides. Knowledge is passed on quickly through well structured chapters, guiding the reader through financial principles and worked examples.”

Angel News – Workbook Review

“I must admit, I hadn’t honestly given your spreadsheet template the attention it deserved. It’s bloody brilliant. Sorted my p&l, cash flow, balance sheet etc in just an hour or so. Thanks so much!”